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XTB, KNF Fire Back at Trading Jam Allegations About ‘Secret Reports’ – Financial Magnates

Financial Magnates wrote about Trading Jam’s minor protest outside the listed FX broker’s offices in Warsaw.

The whole article by  Aziz Abdel-Qader is available HERE.

Below a few portions, which involve Trading Jam Foundation:

„Today, X-Trade Brokers (XTB) posted a two–pages long statement detailing the rebuttal of the TJS’ arguments. In the document, it also denies the core allegation that the company benefited from an execution model that passes on execution losses in full to clients, while the broker books profits generated from favorable price movements.”

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„XTB shot back at charges from Trading Jam, without explicitly stating their name, saying that “people involved in spreading such information are using a one-sided and distorted narrative by providing half-truths, and by provoking attacks not only against the Company, but also our long-term business partners and employees.”